vendredi 11 mai 2012

The Emotional Side of Business

Do your emotions get in the way of sound business decisions?

Women, in particular, let their emotions get in the way of sound business judgment. In business it is very necessary to be analytical and logical. Each decision should boil down to one question:

"Will this be good or bad for my business?"

Society views women as nurturing caretakers and many have been raised to fit that model. The problem stemming from this is that women are always concerned about not hurting the other person's feelings. They feel obligated to "be nice" by transacting business even though the action does not fit their business model or make good financial sense.

Have you ever been expected to make an expensive purchase for your business, and did you go through with it even though it was too costly, for fear of "not being liked?"

Handle business swiftly and politely with a smile to avoid confrontations. Your first response is to acknowledge the request. Then, within the framework of the conversation, explain why you cannot meet the request. For example, I had an exciting opportunity to combine forces with a local TV news program. Their research was impeccable indicating a very high number of anticipated hits on my website and calls to be received if I were to sign up for the program.

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