vendredi 11 mai 2012

Blast Through Barriers to your Goals

One of the reasons we do not face our goals is because when we are faced with an unexpected barrier that we're unsure how to deal with, we shut down. We become discouraged, we start making excuses, and we allow ourselves to back off of our original plan. While this is a human and natural tendency, it's not conducive to success.

An important step that you can take to avoid this barrier blunder is that of carefully planning your goal to include backup plans for all those little "what ifs."

"What if I don't pass the prerequisite course?"
"What if I don't get the loan?"
"What if I run out of time?"
"What if the marketing doesn't work?"
"What if I just don't feel like it?"

These are all very real barriers that keep us from realizing our life dreams. By preplanning for them, we greatly improve our chances of succeeding and experience the power of being unstoppable.

Spectrum Workbooks Have Helped Kids Learn for a Decade

Available to supplement classroom learning and help children achieve higher grades are Spectrum workbooks, a series that allows young learners to reinforce subjects they are learning in school.

Spectrum workbooks follow current teaching methodology and subject standards, according to editors at School Specialty Publishing. The books are written by educational experts in various subject areas. They are ideal for students who need to extend their learning in a specific subject.

This series covers nine subjects ranging from reading to test preparation. There are over 100 Spectrum titles in all for children Pre-K through eighth grade, each book cover distinguished by a starburst icon.

Spectrum's instructional design offers young learners a smooth transition between each exercise and activity that is age appropriate, along with illustrations, graphs, diagrams and charts that visually support the concepts being taught. Assessments are included to track student progress, and each workbook has easy-to-understand directions and an answer key.

The Construct of Normal Personality

Personality disorders are dysfunctions of our whole identity, tears in the fabric of who we are. They are all-pervasive because our personality is ubiquitous and permeates each and every one of our mental cells. I just published the first article in this topic titled "What is Personality?". Read it to understand the subtle differences between "personality", "character", and "temperament".
In the background lurks the question: what constitutes normal behavior? Who is normal?

There is the statistical response: the average and the common are normal. But it is unsatisfactory and incomplete. Conforming to social edicts and mores does not guarantee normalcy. Think about anomic societies and periods of history such as Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia. Model citizens in these hellish environments were the criminal and the sadist.

Rather than look to the outside for a clear definition, many mental health professionals ask: is the patient functioning and happy (ego-syntonic)? If he or she is both then all is well and normal. Abnormal traits, behaviors, and personalities are, therefore defined as those traits, behaviors, and personalities that are dysfunctional and cause subjective distress.

The Benefits Of Life Insurance

We all have something in common, and that is when maturity sets in, we make often the decision to start exploring life insurance opportunities. Whether you choose affordable term life insurance or permanent life insurance, you are giving yourself the opportinity to achieve peace of mind knowing that you loved ones or business pertners will be secured financially after you are gone.

By simply providing information such as health, age, sex and lifestyle, you are ofen able to recieve an online life insurance quote free of charge and free of obligation. The vast lineup of life insurance types leaves you with a very important decision to make. It is true that there is a lot to comprehend as there are many different sorts of life insurance coverages, but the web can take you one step closer with plenty of advisors and life insurance leads. There are essentially two different classifications of life insurance, permanent life insurance and more affordable term life insurance, which is the cheapest form of coverage. The permanent type is more complex, and includes variable, universal and whole life insurance types, but just may be more what you had in mind depending on what you would like to accomplish.

Low Credit Score Mortgage Refinance

Having bad credit may seem like the end of the world. Because of a negative credit rating, you may be turned down for personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages. Those unfamiliar with bad credit lenders may attempt to obtain financing through a bank or credit union. However, these financial institutions rarely offer bad credit loans. To get approved for financing with bad credit, you must select lenders that specialize in all credit types.

What are Bad Credit Refinancing Lenders?

Declining interest rates have many homeowners contemplating refinancing. Years ago, the average home interest rate was about 9 percent. Today, rates are as low as 5 percent. Those who refinance will receive a significantly lower rate. Hence, their monthly mortgage payment will also decrease. The extra money could be used to start a savings accounts or payoff bills.

Low credit score individuals can greatly benefit from a refinancing. Lenders that specialize in bad credit refinancing are called sub prime lenders or high risk lenders. Their objective is to help bad credit homebuyers acquire a mortgage or loan at reasonable rates. If you were to apply for a loan with a prime lender, the rates quoted will be much higher, which defeats the purpose of refinancing.

The Emotional Side of Business

Do your emotions get in the way of sound business decisions?

Women, in particular, let their emotions get in the way of sound business judgment. In business it is very necessary to be analytical and logical. Each decision should boil down to one question:

"Will this be good or bad for my business?"

Society views women as nurturing caretakers and many have been raised to fit that model. The problem stemming from this is that women are always concerned about not hurting the other person's feelings. They feel obligated to "be nice" by transacting business even though the action does not fit their business model or make good financial sense.

Have you ever been expected to make an expensive purchase for your business, and did you go through with it even though it was too costly, for fear of "not being liked?"

Handle business swiftly and politely with a smile to avoid confrontations. Your first response is to acknowledge the request. Then, within the framework of the conversation, explain why you cannot meet the request. For example, I had an exciting opportunity to combine forces with a local TV news program. Their research was impeccable indicating a very high number of anticipated hits on my website and calls to be received if I were to sign up for the program.

The Phone From Hell

Last April, our office secretary retired after thirty-seven years on the job. I had been around as department manager for the last fifteen of them, and I knew we were going to have an impossible time replacing her. She was unbelievable, to say the least. My impression of her was that God himself would have been jealous of her organizational skills. She had slowed down a bit as we all do after so many years in the same position, but she knew the ins and outs of our office so well that she was able to make her very complicated job seem effortless. One could easily see, however, that she was unable to handle all the calls coming in. It seemed to take a great toll on her, especially as of late. I think that might have been a primary reason why she decided to retire, as she herself had said that with little else she enjoyed, she wanted to work as long as she was able.

We threw her a great retirement party, which will be remembered as the one that everybody attended, including several who had retired before her. The fact that we all appreciated her so much was not only a testament to her work ethic, but also to her wonderful personality.